Saturday, 26 December 2009

One day earlier!!!

When my father was dealt by the hospital's doctor and staff to sign a paper that they will do thier best to get out the baby but they cannot assure they can save both! So, in order to do the process my father had to sign a paper that he could not complain whatever may happen! So my father did signed the paper and when everything seems hopeless and just hoping against hope, he let me and my brother and my mother's family and went to the hospital for my mother want to see us before the time! So, were all there, my mother as I can remember tried to show strength so we will not be crying maybe.

When my grandmother arrived together with a group of people which at first I don't know them but their faces were somehow familiar to me. Then when they lay over their hands for mama and prayed then I remembered that they were pastors and people there in church where I went as nursery near our house in the city before.

When they were praying.. Silently my mind also was talking and said " If its true that there is God, and that He is alive and powerful, then he will let my mother live, for us who still needs her." I cannot imagine our lives that time but I also didn't know what I've asked what it means really. All I said was just the fruit of my early minds.

MIRACLE HAPPENS on the next post!

Thursday, 3 December 2009

The 12oz. baby!!!

My father stopped working because he had to attend my mother in the hospital! He was always there for my mother! All his time were just rolling around on my mother's situation! I was left for granted! No one checked my studies if I still went to school or not! I lost interest on schooling that time! While my mother was fighting death, my father was hopeless, me and my brother just roamed around from my grandparent's who were also busy that time traveling and meetings (labor union, sort of ) to my aunt's (my mother's sister) and to friends! We rather climb the mountains with other kids and picked guavas, my brother looked for spiders - the lame one, than going to school! I remember, our house became our playing ground that time! My friends like there because there were still lots of goodies in our store. We even do cooking using cans and wasting rice! You know..children!!!

It was a miracle! The baby came out alive but 50-50. He was just as little as the 12oz cola, with wrinkled skin and so tiny legs! He was incubated.., our family just counting the days until when he can survive! While in the other hand, my mother didn't make it! The doctor already shook his head and said sorry to my father and proclaimed my mother as dead!
But why she's still with us until now??? alive and kicking??? The amazing story will be in the next page;) See you then!

Saturday, 28 November 2009

The Unexpected!!!

Everyone were busy fighting for survival. While my grandparents were busy taking care about their 'fight', everyone went their own way seaching something for living. And that includes my family! My father got a good job at one of the rising company that time (PASAR), but the place was a little far away from our village. So he 'stayed in' at the work place and only home every weekends.

My father used to prepare food for us and took care of us during our school days. Because my mother was working, sewing the whole day and took care of our little store at home! So, when my father worked and not with us everyday, it was my mother who did everything at home! She became so cope up with work and household chores that she sometimes forgot to eat. While she didn't knew also that she was pregnant! It was unplanned! We were already girl and boy and they thought its enough. But then, the unexpected happened.

Maybe because of stress, pressures and unhealthy lifestyle, her pregnancy was at risk! The baby was so weak inside and had no possibilities to go out normally. And the problem was, my mother cannot have a ceasarian operation due to her heart problem. It will complicate! The situation became harder and harder everyday, the baby should not die inside, or else both of them will be dead! Already stayed in the hospital for 2weeks... the baby was already post mature for almost a month. Everyday, was a miracle!

What happened then will be on the next post! Find out if they survived both! And how!

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Fighting the good fight!!!

When Hacienda Martinez were turned over to the bank, a chinese businessman bought it and became the new owner of those land where our family were working! They were nice to us too, but it was just became complicated about the land ownership! During thier reign, it was also the time when the New Agrarian Reform Program law were imposed! That those lands and farms worked by tenants for a number of years already, they have given the power to own it. These things the new owner cannot accept! They tried making a move to get back our land to thier ownership. So my grandparents did not allow it to happen! They fought a hard fight about it!

It was hard... so hard to fight rich people and knowledgeable ones! While remembering those days, I can't help but cry because I still can remember and picture out my grandfather's hardships to fight for them just to keep our land! They were just mere farmers, no good education! Almost innocent of the law!It costs everything they had, thier money savings, thier time and effort! Well they got lawyers to help them yes! But those days costs really all thier money. They even had big loans on different rich people!

Those times begins our hardships! Because it took so many years before they win the case! And it took them almost a life time to pay debts from time to time! Imagine, I was just 7 years old that time and it was just 4 or 5 years ago since my grandparents got thier good life again!

These scene made me promised to myself together with almost all children of "Mahusay" who suffered those days! We have to study hard and get educated. This is the treasure no one can take out from us! As we rewind those days, how hard it would be to have no knowledge and ignorant! We were so proud though of our grand parents because with all thier efforts and all , they won! page!

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Chapter IV- Turned UpSideDown

They said; its better to start with nothing and end up with a great success, than having something turn into nothing! Its harder! In this chapter I will try to remember the big twist in our it happen and when did it begin.

It was hard for me because at my young age with all these 'get what i want' attitudes built. It was hard for me to understand why things can get down like that. It seemed to me that I was the one who has been affected the most! But then, as this story or chapter went've got to follow it because you will discover lots about me:) How I adjusted the situation and how it made me a smart girl in the middle of crisis:) How those situations had taught me a lot about life!

I hope you will just keep on hang out with me as I continue remembering all those years!

Thursday, 5 November 2009

The Twist begun!!!

Life goes on... but even on my early mind, I still sensed the commotion around the village! I've heared many heresays that we were sold to another owner:) But actually what did happened was, our 'amo' the owner on that hacienda our family was working for had a heavy problem economically that they were not able to pay thier responsibilities in the bank or government, in short "bankruptcy":) But then there were also rumor that they (our boss) heared already the coming Agrarian Reform Program law stated that, those tenants or people who are working thier land for a certain period (can't remember if it was like 'for 20 years, not sure) but anyway, the law or the government gave them the power to become the owner on the land they worked for many years already! In this case, it was supposed a good news to our family, but maybe those Spanish owners were wise enough to get rid of it! They let our land, the whole village turned over to the bank, the reason the bank has to sell it to another owner!

Thus, the big twist of our lives begun when the new chinese owner took place!

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Big Fish in a small pond!!!

I considered that our family as a whole was like a big fish in a small pond:) Before we transferred or went back to the village, my father already prepared our house. It has already an extended place for a 'sari-sari store hehe and at the same time, mama's tailoring..hehe. It boomed so fast and our life there were so good!

As my self, because I used to be in school, I went with my aunt at school but they were already so big, ages 7-8 (grade 1) . But still, I went with her, because there's no pre-school in that village during that time. I remember,that was the starting point we became unseparable from then, even until here in Sweden, I want to follow her and fortunately, it happened:) Well, anyway, because it was already almost the year end, all I did was just following her and being with her. But on the next school opening became a problem of my parents because I really wanted to go to school together with my aunt, but she was already in grade 2, so, they put me in grade1 even if I was still 5years old but just as visitor:) But at the end of the year I passed anyway with flying colors..wahehehe!

It went so smooth during our first 5years there.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

My first four years!!!

It's not easy to go back 35 years ago:) But I will try to keep it leading to my coming story and experiences:)

After I was born, as in from hospital we went home at my grandmother's house in the city. my mother was afraid to live in the village where transportation was not easy that time. After giving birth and with a little baby, they chose to stay there. It was a good life as far as I can remember. We had a store full of things for sale:) candies, bread, school supplies, and many more! While my mother also continued sewing dresses. So, the income just kept coming that time!

I got my little brother when I was three years old. And between these years, we just kept on visiting the village every now and then:) And everytime we visit, I felt like a star:) I recieved all praises and appreciation. The fact that these age is the attitude foundation of every one. How we were brought up becomes what we are when we become older.

Since, its a city and fortunately we were just a walk away from the church (protestant). And that church has a private school for pre-school. So at the age of 3 I was already attending school as Nursery. I learned songs and rhymes that caused me earning money everytime we visit my granparents in the village. They let me sing or do rhymes for 25cents for example. (already big that time:) This was one of the reason, I turned out smarter than the other kids there, cause they can start go to school at 7 or 8years old that time.

But then, when I was 4years old and Nursery 2, in the middle of school year or like 3 more months before the school year ends, my parents decided to go back and lived there in the village for good! (There were happenings at our place in the city where our house were on. It was like the government will use the lot for school expansion...improvement begun:)

Well... it will be more interesting on the next pages on this chapter ...what happened when we were already back home in our little village.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

CHAPTER II- My Childhood Years

This chapter will be sweet and sour. My life during my childhood happened the big twist in our lives, my life and my family as a whole. I can say, this stage was the most unforgettable one in my whole life. Many things happened, abundance and crises, from grace to rugs, problems and promises, dreams and wonders and lots more.

This chapter will be exciting, emotional and lots of changes. These were the years I really want to write. Almost everyday has its own story to tell, I mean as details as that. But no! I will just try to do the most remarkable ones. So I hope you will stick with me and follow these chapter of my life!

Friday, 9 October 2009

Those hairs and pale complexion

As I ponder about my daughter's hair so light, it made me wonder why and that she is more so Swedish that its hard for others to tell that her mother is an Asian. But then my mother told me once that when I was born, I had this goldy colored hair and so few. It was like corn (hair?) and my grandparents said 'nalihi-an daw kog buhok sa ma-is' heheh. And I was so white, but it was found out that it was not a healthy white kind of. My lips were pale. That was one of my mother's reason why we stayed in the city where hospitals and pharmacies were near. It was like I had lack of iron and so my blood platelet must always be checked.

I remember when I was 3years old, we also had a little sari-sari store at home , our house in the city was located near public school, so it was so good to have a little store where many different kinds of candies were there. I had to eat a bowl of 'kalamunggay' a day..take note 'pure' because it has rich of iron and that was recommended by the doctor. And in order for me to eat those, my mother bribe me for a candy. Every bowl of kalamunggay I ate, I had the chance to choose a candy that I like.

NOTE: (that green leafy plants behind me in the picture..thats a kalamunggay:) I forgot the english word for it... whoever knows, please tell me so I can edit this. thanks)

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Princess Syndrome!

"What I want I get"...

...this is an attitude of someone who has princess syndrome, and that's what I had when I was little. Since I was the first child, first grandchild, and a girl, I did get what I want. My grandparents in my father side had the biggest store in our village. Almost all villagers got their daily foods from them. Like they pays weekly every salary time. That store as far as I can remember had everything what the people there needs.

So, 'Me' as the first 'apo' (grandchild) of my proud lola can just get as much as I want in that store. And because my mother was a dressmaker, I had the prettiest dresses of all the children living there..heheh. I was the cutest and the finest they said during that time, and that's because I grew up in the city until 4yrs. old. From the time I was born, my mother wanted to stay and live in the city where her mother and sister lived. ( stories about my life in the city will be in the coming chapters). So, by all these, I became the apple of every one's eyes. All these abundance in all areas made me a spoiled child. Crying was my powerful weapon:) Yeah... I knowww! absolutely so familiar and typical for spoiled children.
I admit I have princess syndrome until now. wink*

Friday, 2 October 2009


August 31, 1974, 7pm...

Familya Mahusay were in chaos and don't know what to do! My mother was in pain.., so much pain... she was ran to the maternity hospital and direct to the delivery room. At 9pm, a tiny cute baby girl was born! Nothing can beat the happiness my father had on that day! Every one were happy. I was the first grand child. My grandfather said that his knees will easily become weak because her first grandchild is a girl. Heheh.

My mother was a fan of Jonathan in the Bible, the best friend of David. She was touched by their friendship. So, she thought of naming her first child Jonathan and because I became a girl she named me 'Jeanethen'. But then, the secretary at the city registrar's office might be old that she wrote my name as 'Janeth';) only. Hmmmp!
Thus my name become!

Anyway, It was the best time of their lives:)

Thursday, 1 October 2009


July 14, 1973, evening ...
the whole village was partying! cooking foods on the large cooking material like big pan and casserole at the back of the house of Mr. and Mrs. Miguel Mahusay. Lots of villager here and there,eating, drinking, dancing and playing!children, young people and adults. Every one were happy, shouting, singing and celebrating! "THIER PRINCE IS GETTING MARRIED!" heheh, yap it was the wedding of my dear father, the eldest among seven siblings. He lives in a small village where their family were the prominent. Almost everyone were relatives, they call it "Baranggay Mahusay". My greatgrandfather was the eldest and everyone respects him. And everyone loves my father.

Ormencita (taken from our city name Ormoc City), a city girl from a broken family. She learned to earn her own money at her early age due to the hard life in the city. She made dresses and barter it for grains to different rice fields in the villages. The reason she met my father. As my mother said; she already knew that my father is her soul mate. She has a dream before she met my father. She saw papa's back standing in the middle of the rice field! Hmmp! drama!
She was pretty and fragile despite of being brought up in the city. So the whole village also likes her and my father's parents likes her too.

It was a grand wedding of their time! My mother felt so lucky because after the wedding, as to follow the tradition that the wife should stay 3days on the grooms family but she knew that after 3days, they have to start their new family to their new house given by my father's family with 10sacks of rice, (pasaka) a piece of rice field for their living, 2 pigs and a carabao. as the old people said; " the ship should be full before it sails".

Thus, this chapters of my life begins.

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

It won't be long!

As this blog titled "Chapters of my life", I mean to write up like a book about my life. Those times, those years, those experiences bad and good, challenging and corny, exciting and boring! all those will I share here. From my chilhood until these days. It could be enteresting, funny, full of lessons but it could also be boring, sad, and useless (hope not:)
In connection to these, I want to annouce that I'm about to write the pages, the stories, the chapters of this book. I hope it will give you hope,connections,reflection, lessons in life. I hope you'll get interested and walk with me all the way as I try to remember all of those days! I hope you will follow every stories, every chapters of my life.

See you soon guys!!!

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Time with Friends

Waaa..lutong pinoy!!! it was fun! since it was free from school and work last thursday due to angelikka's free day we visited a filipina friend who really like to cook filipino foods. Time went so fast but we had a perfect lunch together with 'tinolang isda' , pancit and shrimps. We just put a little shrimp also on the soap just to put colors and additional taste! wow! it was so good and we went home so full stomach.

Khim made a 'binignit' for our dessert paired with tea or coffe that makes our eating fellowship perfect! Because we were so full, so we took a little walk around their place and chat a little, then before we went home we ate the fruit salad that she almost forgot that she had prepared some for us;) Well, that was fun time together with family and friends!

Thanks Khimma at sa uulitin! Have a wonderful day to all!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Colorful days:)

Me, Jenny and Shy after our class yesterday dropped by in a shopping store which sells almost all kinds of products. Since I have a gift certificate on that store, I asked them to help me find something maybe shoes will be good. So we went directly to the shoes department and found many different kinds and nice shoes, then as Filipinos, we looked directly on sale area..hehe.

Actually, I was looking for a Nike sneakers since mine is already over used. I even about to buy last Saturday when me and my husband went to a shoes store and I found there what I want... just the color (yellow) made me think again and the fact that it was a little expensive. So, when I found that same sneakers there on the sale area and blue/violet color ( still not my color but hello??? half cheaper than the first and the only Nike there and take note..its my size:) aheheh. Not only that.., when you buy two you'll pay only one! (buy one take one) hehe... wasn't it a lucky day? and I can say a colorful day because the color of my two new shoes are blueviolet and green. aheheh!
Have a colorful day everyone!!!

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Funny ME

At our wall, this is how it looks;) hahahha.. Everytime there's a new visitors they will always ask if we were 4 siblings. Why they just knew that we were only three, or sometimes they will ask who is the other girl. My mother always give a smile and will just say that the two girl pictures belongs to only one 'Me'.

Well, the first picture looks so many can't recognize that it was me. I was 19yrs. old graduated my Bachelor in Theology. As I said somewhere in my older posts that I went to college so young at 15 and living in the dormitory. And the other one is the present which really looks like me;) It was when I graduated my Bachelor in Elementary Education.

Hmmm...those were the days!

(you might wonder about the arrangement, it was before when they were working the left side of our wall, so they put all the pictures in the right side in the meantime;)..surely no longer the same arrangement this time)

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

See any difference???

This was me 8years ago! This was taken during our graduation ball in college! Yes, I have make up on, but I like it, I mean so mild and wearable. This was the first time they trimmed my eyebrows and it was so painful the first time:)

I don't wears make up because its itchy after maybe an hour or minutes. But that time I hold into it because it was our victory ball..hehe after 4years of sleepless nights and daily fights against books and pens finally we reach our goal and about to wear that black toga of success on the next day! Hmmm...time goes fast!

This is me now;) A wife, a mother and now living here in this foreign land just to be with my new born lovely family. I return to school after accepting the fact that what we finished from our place is almost nothing here. Maybe just the gained knowledge which forever in us and can be use anytime in many situations in this new venture of my life. A new chapter that must be fight on.

Just wonder if there' any difference with me physically! hahahahah! Ofcourse there is but not so much I think... Whatchathink???

Sunday, 13 September 2009

When the Summer is Over

Yesterday was just, shall I say, lucky day or unexpected blessed day! Why??? because everything that happens was not planned but it turns into an unexpected answered prayer;)

My mother- in-law called my husband in the morning and asked if we have schedules that day because we usually have. And yes we suppose had, so my husband said so but why? And his mother said she needs help for her house wagon to take it off and park to a safe place until next season again. In the middle of their conversation my phone also rungs... and it was my friend whom we suppose to go that day informing us that the meeting will be cancelled for some sickness reason.

My mother-in-law was so happy and so thankful because we went to her instead and helped. It was fun though it was a little work specially for my husband and m-in-l. Fixing those things and keeping it and cleaning everything before it will be kept. I helped a little, just to wash and wiped the tent on the areas that were dirty;) Angelikka also helped by picking up the pins and put it into a pail of water.
After everything were done. We stayed a little bit longer at my mother-in-laws place and had some coffee and took a rest. While we were talking I mentioned to her about my plan to buy a bike and to my surprise, she said she will give her bike to me because she was happy we helped her. And when I saw it, its just exactly what I want.

We got also Laikka's DVD player, and a DVD cassette! I will post those gifts later sometime! Just watch for it guys!

Thursday, 10 September 2009

kick off!

Give me a break!!! This is all what we need. When every day seems full of things to take care of, all we need sometime is a break! And that's what my employer gave to us last friday Sept.5. Even the fact that I was so busy that time putting everything into order as to catch the time and the fact also that I will be having my birthday party on the next day, still I manage to attend and had some fun:)
For that few hours of activities we had, it gave me time to relax and laugh and enjoy the company with my bosses and co-workers. It was indeed a big 'lobster or shrimps party':) Our employer prepared a programme, one part was a little game which I think, that was fun, and most of it the! So much shrimps and 'kräftor' (don't know exactly the english of it, my husband said its not lobster..heheh) but its a shrimp family;)
Funny thing was, my group did not won any of the three games but I got a prize of all three games, why because it was my birthday!!! hahahah what a luck!

Well, I went home earlier but I had enough:) I really thank those people who made that actitivity possible;) My SODEXO family!!! Mmmmwaah!

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Perfect Sunday;)

As what I've said my party extends till Sunday;) heheh..yah great celebration cause I haven't experienced this for almost 30years:) As in celebrate life to the fullest! hahaha!
Sunday preparation was held in our own crib. My visitors this time have special part in my heart or shall I say they are not just a passing by friends;) They were the people whom I can just call anytime, visits anytime and even meet almost everyday. I can call them my extended family. I have no pressures with them, they can feel at home with me and I am so comfortable with them.
As usual, Jenny and Shy came first because Jenny was the one who cooked the chicken curry. It was so good..heheh. And of course Shy helped and did the vegesalad. I did nothing but talk and talk then prepares myself. Next who arrived was my other aunt who lives near me then my Filipina neighbor here which I can say, what a small world really is cause she is also my neighbor in Philippines:) We just knew it here and meet here. (haha,sosyal!) I can always go to her and she to me when we got dried fish;)

Last who came were my brothers and sisters in the church. We did a little sharing with the word of God then they gave a special prayer, a blessing for me. It perfects my day!


Monday, 7 September 2009

Saturday Great!

"Sweeter as the years go by"

As I posted on 'Insights' that I wish to have 35 visitors because 'twas my 35th birthday! Amazing as it was, but we were really 35 heads in all though including me and my family and children. Hmmm! It was a little too much but because we had prepared that much, everything was under control. Everyone bring their families and themselves and the always present.. the gifts:) wink* Here, time is time but because we were almost all Filipino families (our Swedish husbands already adjusted to Filipino time;) So, we started with welcome drinks and chit chats then dinner. Everyone enjoyed I think and full;)
Opening of the gifts is really important part of every birthday party here. there should be a time allotted for it. Usually it will be after slicing cake and coffee time. But what I did, was I put it in the middle. After eating dinner while everyone still full for the dessert. I open the gifts;) Everyone that has gift has to give a wish and everyone enjoys about it! It was a little unusual for them.

I had fun and was so happy and satisfied on everything they said; wishes, advices and inspiring messages for me. I also like all the gifts, heheh.

So after the laughter and some other emotional moments, and the desserts were ready. It was perfect for them also. I prepared chocolate cake and fruit cake, one filipina brought fruit salad and another friend brought leche plan. Well, everything was perfect!

The day ends with saying thanks and 'hej då's' With the never ending promises that we should keep in touch so we can chat more about our busy lives here in this foreign land;)

To God be the GLORY!!!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

What a days;)

Waaah! finally its over;) It was so tiring though but the fun and gratitude over took everything;) Saturday and sunday's preparation and all makes everyone in my place become tired but for me I'm so thankful today;) Yes I am so tired but knowing I have so many friends who celebrates with me with my special day?? Oh, its worth it!

Today I can say my special day is complete! Not only I recieved everything I wish for but also I feel the love of each one who were with me and mostly my spiritual wish became realized. Oh what a day but Yes, its my day!

Thanks to all of my friends who cares! You are always in my heart;)
Thanks also to all my blogger friends who leaves comments and greetings!
Thanks to my husband for the unconditional love and support.
Thanks to the lord for the joy within;)

I will post soon the real happenings on those parties and of course the never ending pics;)
Keep updated and enjoy!

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Long Day

Oh.. my headache and so tired today.. running here and there! It seems I was chasing the time today! I had so many on the list that I have to do but I only did 2things, I did those others but unfortunately got nothing!
I suppose to do all things finish today for tomorrow will be so hectic. I can feel the pressure now and I just hope I will not be stressed out for saturday's birthday party celebration;) I cannot think so much now, my mind is so full. Oh! help me God;) All I pray is new strength everyday, a presence of mind and a happy heart!
Goodluck to me then on saturday and sunday! All my friends will be there to celebrate with me so it will be!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Shopping Time;)

I got or recieved Vitamin 'C' (cash) as gift for my birthday from my in-laws. They don't know what I want so better gave me the money and so I will be the one to buy what I want. And my sister in-law gave me a Gift Certificate worth 750kr. in a certain store, a women's wear something which not familiar to me.
Shy my friend and blogger teacher, as we know looove shopping so I asked her to go with me. So we went there and look for the store. Shy and me were little excited and wondering what this store has in stored for us shoppers..hehe.We heard that they have small sizes here so we were excited. But unfortunately, to our disappointment, nothing attracts our attention. Too big and too small, I didn't understand;) Maybe thier styles are not my taste;( peace!
It took us few hours to look but find nothing that I like. Until my time was almost over and we found a jeans jacket costs exactly what I had in the gift certificate. So, I bought it. Without checking much but because we have no more time. And because I missed already my train, it will be 30minutes after the next trip so we dropped by another store, and there I was so happy because I found many good things that I really want with a good prizes and fits me so well. With no hesitations I bought those right away and run!
Haay! what a shopping day! I brought with me 3bags of shops..aheheh from 3 different good store;) At the end of the day, I was satisfied!;)

Monday, 31 August 2009

Today I turned 35

Its just like a normal day in the morning, My husband went to work, I did my daily routine with my little girl and nothing else. But inside of me, I'm excited on what my husband might prepared for me;) I'm excited on what present he will give me, hehe, other's presents are nice but his present is the most exciting and important for me whatever it will be.
But then about afternoon, he called and told me he got free ticket to football from his job, only one ticket, I was little sad talking to him while saying 'aha ok, you will watch football while its my birthday:(' he felt my voice changed and still said..hehhe 'yah'..okay thats it! After we talk my heart cried maybe because of my expectation. But then after one hour he called again, and said maybe it was not a good joke so he want to get my feelings back and told me we will go out later, eat in the chinese restaurant and watch movie;)
So, we just met in the city I did not come home cause I work late and he always comes home first. And it was fun, I like the place, unfortunately I forgot my camera but then we have celphones anyway;) for pictures just no cable to tranfer to my computer:( But anyway, when we come home, I usually run to my laptop first and foremost heheh.. waaah! There was an envelop that says "Grattis Älskling på din 35-årsdag" hehe.. tears coming from my check! even I did not open yet what's on it! Oh this one completes my day!

Friday, 28 August 2009

Me and Janmah

This will be my third site. Here I will share my daily life, daily happenings inside and outside my private life. In this site, my life will be an open book to all. Janmah stands for my given birth name Janeth Mahusay. I was called Janmah to my friends in college and I love it. The fact that Janeth is so common and sounds like everywhere.wink* I was sold with the idea that I will be called janmah instead.

Get close and walk with me as I'll share every chapters of my life.
I would love to be your friend;)