Friday, 9 October 2009

Those hairs and pale complexion

As I ponder about my daughter's hair so light, it made me wonder why and that she is more so Swedish that its hard for others to tell that her mother is an Asian. But then my mother told me once that when I was born, I had this goldy colored hair and so few. It was like corn (hair?) and my grandparents said 'nalihi-an daw kog buhok sa ma-is' heheh. And I was so white, but it was found out that it was not a healthy white kind of. My lips were pale. That was one of my mother's reason why we stayed in the city where hospitals and pharmacies were near. It was like I had lack of iron and so my blood platelet must always be checked.

I remember when I was 3years old, we also had a little sari-sari store at home , our house in the city was located near public school, so it was so good to have a little store where many different kinds of candies were there. I had to eat a bowl of 'kalamunggay' a day..take note 'pure' because it has rich of iron and that was recommended by the doctor. And in order for me to eat those, my mother bribe me for a candy. Every bowl of kalamunggay I ate, I had the chance to choose a candy that I like.

NOTE: (that green leafy plants behind me in the picture..thats a kalamunggay:) I forgot the english word for it... whoever knows, please tell me so I can edit this. thanks)


  1. I love kalamunggay Jan. Wala pod ko kabalo sa english da. Lahi jud au ang sinabaw nga isda if naay kalamunggay. wa na akong laway nagstart nagtulo.

  2. horse raddish man cguro ang english sa kalamunggay Jan... check it out but I am positive that's the english word for the healthy kalamunggay...

  3. I believe it is "moringa" ang english sa kamungay tjan....hehehe!

    sos tawon namingaw nako sa sabaw...tapos sagulan dayon ug karne...kon dili isda nga pinirito or sinugba...agoy pagkalami...hehehe!

    bulaw diay ka ug buhok sa una te? btaw si laikka kay d mailhan nga pinaya ang inahan...hehehe!

  4. oo..then for 4 years sigi gi opawan heheh... nalami na ako buhok but it was not that easy..i mean my experience being bald at school:) just follow this serie cause those times will be absolutely starring on the coming chapters:)