Sunday, 4 October 2009

Princess Syndrome!

"What I want I get"...

...this is an attitude of someone who has princess syndrome, and that's what I had when I was little. Since I was the first child, first grandchild, and a girl, I did get what I want. My grandparents in my father side had the biggest store in our village. Almost all villagers got their daily foods from them. Like they pays weekly every salary time. That store as far as I can remember had everything what the people there needs.

So, 'Me' as the first 'apo' (grandchild) of my proud lola can just get as much as I want in that store. And because my mother was a dressmaker, I had the prettiest dresses of all the children living there..heheh. I was the cutest and the finest they said during that time, and that's because I grew up in the city until 4yrs. old. From the time I was born, my mother wanted to stay and live in the city where her mother and sister lived. ( stories about my life in the city will be in the coming chapters). So, by all these, I became the apple of every one's eyes. All these abundance in all areas made me a spoiled child. Crying was my powerful weapon:) Yeah... I knowww! absolutely so familiar and typical for spoiled children.
I admit I have princess syndrome until now. wink*


  1. Ako pastilan jan ako man perme lait-laiton. Ako daw pinakapangit sa among managsuon. When I was a child I cried a lot when I heard it but when I grow up i started to learn how to accept the fact in affirmative way. I learn to become independent at may young age. I envy you kasi you have parents. Iyong nanay ko had committed suicide when I was almost 7 kaya naman i haven't have a chance how to be pampered with a nanay. Ika nga ako pa naging nanay at a young age sa younger sisters ko. Well, that's all the past.

    Pareha nata dani Jan. Karon pako nakatilaw how to be pampered when I got married. Tsada man diay ang feeling.

  2. Oi! that was so sad annalou:( y man nagsuicide, but anyhow, I appreciate you more now:)

    that time lang ko cute ug fine kay bag-o pa gikan city but later on i became the ugliest! on the next chapters. heheh

  3. Lol nice to read your story. funny...

  4. You sounds just like my sister!!! Our mother's parents had a small grocery store and my sister got whatever she wanted there. This is amazing.