Friday, 2 October 2009


August 31, 1974, 7pm...

Familya Mahusay were in chaos and don't know what to do! My mother was in pain.., so much pain... she was ran to the maternity hospital and direct to the delivery room. At 9pm, a tiny cute baby girl was born! Nothing can beat the happiness my father had on that day! Every one were happy. I was the first grand child. My grandfather said that his knees will easily become weak because her first grandchild is a girl. Heheh.

My mother was a fan of Jonathan in the Bible, the best friend of David. She was touched by their friendship. So, she thought of naming her first child Jonathan and because I became a girl she named me 'Jeanethen'. But then, the secretary at the city registrar's office might be old that she wrote my name as 'Janeth';) only. Hmmmp!
Thus my name become!

Anyway, It was the best time of their lives:)


  1. The princess in the family :P..

  2. You are not the only victim of those husband has no name on his birth cert. hehehe worst di ba?

    Anyways, sure we can exchange link...glad too! Let me know once its done...and I will do the same...see you around :-)

  3. Ohhhh, a first daughter and a frist granddaughter!!! My oldest sister was the same--she was so spoiled by everyone, aunts, uncles, grandparents and parents. =)