Monday, 26 September 2011

Like a Hero!

My mother instructed her to tell the cab driver that she'll go off from the cab right after "Margen" bridge. Then asked my name to whoever she sees ,to look for our house.

Morning about 9am, the highway near where we live had so much noise, children running and shouting my name! "Janet, a pretty white lady is looking for you" (more lively said in our vernacular). Then finally she found us, talked a little to my mom and then off we go around the village knocking house to house like she did an interviews to parents.

After that day was over, and after she left, I have known that I can continue my study and there's a foreigner (amerkano, sounds so great before in my time when I was a kid) who will help me, will buy school things and will pay my school. And not only me 29 families more. My mother got a job with them. She became the coordinator in our place and parents and children were so thankful and I feel like a hero, so proud!

The sun began shining from that day onwards! The World Vision International came and helped many families in my village and many have become successful because of them. And our family, my life had changed into better!


  1. Hello Jan'.

    I love this post of yours so much. Nakakatouch :) Good to know that you and your family have received help and that your life has been changed for the better. :)

    Hugs from Söderhamn!

    Maxi of:

  2. this is actually my hidden life's treasure max.. my story;)