Wednesday, 7 September 2011

I found favor in HER eyes!

The pretty woman asked? What is your name?

That single question gave her a lots of answer from me which gave her a huge interest about me and my family.

She was the head of World Vision International in our place, Ormoc City. And she was visiting different churches looking for families that needs help for their children in sending to school. Its a global child sponsorship program that really helps poor families. She was there to announce about it but her attention and interest was caught by me.

She talked to my mother after the service and then my mother asked me what I said to the lady that made her coming to our baranggay and gonna do survey and has a plan of picking 30 houses/families to be in the program. How great was that! My mother leaped in joy knowing the bright day is coming!

"I just told the woman my name and about our family and how I want to continue to go to school and somehow be like her when I grow up;) But my dream might be so far from reality because we can no longer afford after of what happened!"

That was sunday and then wednesday morning, that woman came to our village brought good news to the whole village! I can't forget that day:) I felt as if I was in cloud nine, I became the star of everyone! On the next post, I will write the details on what exactly had happen that day!
Stay tune:)