Saturday, 26 December 2009

One day earlier!!!

When my father was dealt by the hospital's doctor and staff to sign a paper that they will do thier best to get out the baby but they cannot assure they can save both! So, in order to do the process my father had to sign a paper that he could not complain whatever may happen! So my father did signed the paper and when everything seems hopeless and just hoping against hope, he let me and my brother and my mother's family and went to the hospital for my mother want to see us before the time! So, were all there, my mother as I can remember tried to show strength so we will not be crying maybe.

When my grandmother arrived together with a group of people which at first I don't know them but their faces were somehow familiar to me. Then when they lay over their hands for mama and prayed then I remembered that they were pastors and people there in church where I went as nursery near our house in the city before.

When they were praying.. Silently my mind also was talking and said " If its true that there is God, and that He is alive and powerful, then he will let my mother live, for us who still needs her." I cannot imagine our lives that time but I also didn't know what I've asked what it means really. All I said was just the fruit of my early minds.

MIRACLE HAPPENS on the next post!

Thursday, 3 December 2009

The 12oz. baby!!!

My father stopped working because he had to attend my mother in the hospital! He was always there for my mother! All his time were just rolling around on my mother's situation! I was left for granted! No one checked my studies if I still went to school or not! I lost interest on schooling that time! While my mother was fighting death, my father was hopeless, me and my brother just roamed around from my grandparent's who were also busy that time traveling and meetings (labor union, sort of ) to my aunt's (my mother's sister) and to friends! We rather climb the mountains with other kids and picked guavas, my brother looked for spiders - the lame one, than going to school! I remember, our house became our playing ground that time! My friends like there because there were still lots of goodies in our store. We even do cooking using cans and wasting rice! You know..children!!!

It was a miracle! The baby came out alive but 50-50. He was just as little as the 12oz cola, with wrinkled skin and so tiny legs! He was incubated.., our family just counting the days until when he can survive! While in the other hand, my mother didn't make it! The doctor already shook his head and said sorry to my father and proclaimed my mother as dead!
But why she's still with us until now??? alive and kicking??? The amazing story will be in the next page;) See you then!