Saturday, 26 December 2009

One day earlier!!!

When my father was dealt by the hospital's doctor and staff to sign a paper that they will do thier best to get out the baby but they cannot assure they can save both! So, in order to do the process my father had to sign a paper that he could not complain whatever may happen! So my father did signed the paper and when everything seems hopeless and just hoping against hope, he let me and my brother and my mother's family and went to the hospital for my mother want to see us before the time! So, were all there, my mother as I can remember tried to show strength so we will not be crying maybe.

When my grandmother arrived together with a group of people which at first I don't know them but their faces were somehow familiar to me. Then when they lay over their hands for mama and prayed then I remembered that they were pastors and people there in church where I went as nursery near our house in the city before.

When they were praying.. Silently my mind also was talking and said " If its true that there is God, and that He is alive and powerful, then he will let my mother live, for us who still needs her." I cannot imagine our lives that time but I also didn't know what I've asked what it means really. All I said was just the fruit of my early minds.

MIRACLE HAPPENS on the next post!


  1. Our prayers that's from our hearts are really very powerful because God listens to it. Sometimes we may think that he doesn't listen but he just directs us to better way. It may be very hard to understand but if we trust him things will get better. Advance Happy New Year Jan.

  2. yap... a prayer should not be memorized or a piece of long time ago,) But its talking to God in our present situation! God always answers prayer;) and there's nothing impossible with Him!


  4. Wishing you all the best in 2010! God Bless!

  5. I was also in a situation where it's either they save me or the baby. Hubby signed to save me. Both are still alive. :) I got an idea to post my miracle baby's story at A Woman's World sometime soon. :)