Saturday, 2 January 2010

New Life, New Beginning!!!

When the doctor said they're afraid they cannot save both but they have to do the operation, the whole family just prayed and just ready ourselves whatever might happen. So after a couple of ours and the doctor shook his head about my mother and proclaimed dead that even my father while all those time holding my mother, he felt the last breath stopped like he heard a click and that was it! We cried of course, my father sobs!

While my father was sobbing and the doctor went away already, after a few minutes maybe 3-5, my father felt my mother's hands moving and while my fathers was in the act of bewildernment, my mother's whole body continue moving and breathing fast and even in a tired voice she asked for water! Shocked but my father handled to shout and called the doctor, nurses in the hospital.

Hospitals personal were taking her to the emergency and after that day was over. She was returned to the room, even so weak but alive!
The doctor said, "he just saw a miracle! And he will bear it in his whole experience as a doctor!"

What really happens on that few minutes of her being dead? That we will know on the next page!!! Just hang on guys!


  1. Save both?

  2. Thanks for stopping by arise 2 write. I have joined to follow and look forward to getting to know you. I would love for your to follow both my blogs.
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  3. In a movie I once heard Santa Claus say he was as old as his tongue and a little younger than his teeth! That's how old I am too!!! hahaha! I always liked that answer. =)

  4. The missing girl was found in the next state, so all of the related posts have been removed. Happy ending!

  5. wow! swerte kayo dahil biniyayaan kayo ng gift of life...

  6. Hala ka oi miracle jd sya ay..grabeh noh, i wondered uncha inyo feelings that time.