Saturday, 28 November 2009

The Unexpected!!!

Everyone were busy fighting for survival. While my grandparents were busy taking care about their 'fight', everyone went their own way seaching something for living. And that includes my family! My father got a good job at one of the rising company that time (PASAR), but the place was a little far away from our village. So he 'stayed in' at the work place and only home every weekends.

My father used to prepare food for us and took care of us during our school days. Because my mother was working, sewing the whole day and took care of our little store at home! So, when my father worked and not with us everyday, it was my mother who did everything at home! She became so cope up with work and household chores that she sometimes forgot to eat. While she didn't knew also that she was pregnant! It was unplanned! We were already girl and boy and they thought its enough. But then, the unexpected happened.

Maybe because of stress, pressures and unhealthy lifestyle, her pregnancy was at risk! The baby was so weak inside and had no possibilities to go out normally. And the problem was, my mother cannot have a ceasarian operation due to her heart problem. It will complicate! The situation became harder and harder everyday, the baby should not die inside, or else both of them will be dead! Already stayed in the hospital for 2weeks... the baby was already post mature for almost a month. Everyday, was a miracle!

What happened then will be on the next post! Find out if they survived both! And how!

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Fighting the good fight!!!

When Hacienda Martinez were turned over to the bank, a chinese businessman bought it and became the new owner of those land where our family were working! They were nice to us too, but it was just became complicated about the land ownership! During thier reign, it was also the time when the New Agrarian Reform Program law were imposed! That those lands and farms worked by tenants for a number of years already, they have given the power to own it. These things the new owner cannot accept! They tried making a move to get back our land to thier ownership. So my grandparents did not allow it to happen! They fought a hard fight about it!

It was hard... so hard to fight rich people and knowledgeable ones! While remembering those days, I can't help but cry because I still can remember and picture out my grandfather's hardships to fight for them just to keep our land! They were just mere farmers, no good education! Almost innocent of the law!It costs everything they had, thier money savings, thier time and effort! Well they got lawyers to help them yes! But those days costs really all thier money. They even had big loans on different rich people!

Those times begins our hardships! Because it took so many years before they win the case! And it took them almost a life time to pay debts from time to time! Imagine, I was just 7 years old that time and it was just 4 or 5 years ago since my grandparents got thier good life again!

These scene made me promised to myself together with almost all children of "Mahusay" who suffered those days! We have to study hard and get educated. This is the treasure no one can take out from us! As we rewind those days, how hard it would be to have no knowledge and ignorant! We were so proud though of our grand parents because with all thier efforts and all , they won! page!

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Chapter IV- Turned UpSideDown

They said; its better to start with nothing and end up with a great success, than having something turn into nothing! Its harder! In this chapter I will try to remember the big twist in our it happen and when did it begin.

It was hard for me because at my young age with all these 'get what i want' attitudes built. It was hard for me to understand why things can get down like that. It seemed to me that I was the one who has been affected the most! But then, as this story or chapter went've got to follow it because you will discover lots about me:) How I adjusted the situation and how it made me a smart girl in the middle of crisis:) How those situations had taught me a lot about life!

I hope you will just keep on hang out with me as I continue remembering all those years!

Thursday, 5 November 2009

The Twist begun!!!

Life goes on... but even on my early mind, I still sensed the commotion around the village! I've heared many heresays that we were sold to another owner:) But actually what did happened was, our 'amo' the owner on that hacienda our family was working for had a heavy problem economically that they were not able to pay thier responsibilities in the bank or government, in short "bankruptcy":) But then there were also rumor that they (our boss) heared already the coming Agrarian Reform Program law stated that, those tenants or people who are working thier land for a certain period (can't remember if it was like 'for 20 years, not sure) but anyway, the law or the government gave them the power to become the owner on the land they worked for many years already! In this case, it was supposed a good news to our family, but maybe those Spanish owners were wise enough to get rid of it! They let our land, the whole village turned over to the bank, the reason the bank has to sell it to another owner!

Thus, the big twist of our lives begun when the new chinese owner took place!

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Big Fish in a small pond!!!

I considered that our family as a whole was like a big fish in a small pond:) Before we transferred or went back to the village, my father already prepared our house. It has already an extended place for a 'sari-sari store hehe and at the same time, mama's tailoring..hehe. It boomed so fast and our life there were so good!

As my self, because I used to be in school, I went with my aunt at school but they were already so big, ages 7-8 (grade 1) . But still, I went with her, because there's no pre-school in that village during that time. I remember,that was the starting point we became unseparable from then, even until here in Sweden, I want to follow her and fortunately, it happened:) Well, anyway, because it was already almost the year end, all I did was just following her and being with her. But on the next school opening became a problem of my parents because I really wanted to go to school together with my aunt, but she was already in grade 2, so, they put me in grade1 even if I was still 5years old but just as visitor:) But at the end of the year I passed anyway with flying colors..wahehehe!

It went so smooth during our first 5years there.