Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Big Fish in a small pond!!!

I considered that our family as a whole was like a big fish in a small pond:) Before we transferred or went back to the village, my father already prepared our house. It has already an extended place for a 'sari-sari store hehe and at the same time, mama's tailoring..hehe. It boomed so fast and our life there were so good!

As my self, because I used to be in school, I went with my aunt at school but they were already so big, ages 7-8 (grade 1) . But still, I went with her, because there's no pre-school in that village during that time. I remember,that was the starting point we became unseparable from then, even until here in Sweden, I want to follow her and fortunately, it happened:) Well, anyway, because it was already almost the year end, all I did was just following her and being with her. But on the next school opening became a problem of my parents because I really wanted to go to school together with my aunt, but she was already in grade 2, so, they put me in grade1 even if I was still 5years old but just as visitor:) But at the end of the year I passed anyway with flying colors..wahehehe!

It went so smooth during our first 5years there.

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  1. wuz here visitng as well ;) following you now and will also be linking you, friend. hope to see more of you?