Thursday, 5 November 2009

The Twist begun!!!

Life goes on... but even on my early mind, I still sensed the commotion around the village! I've heared many heresays that we were sold to another owner:) But actually what did happened was, our 'amo' the owner on that hacienda our family was working for had a heavy problem economically that they were not able to pay thier responsibilities in the bank or government, in short "bankruptcy":) But then there were also rumor that they (our boss) heared already the coming Agrarian Reform Program law stated that, those tenants or people who are working thier land for a certain period (can't remember if it was like 'for 20 years, not sure) but anyway, the law or the government gave them the power to become the owner on the land they worked for many years already! In this case, it was supposed a good news to our family, but maybe those Spanish owners were wise enough to get rid of it! They let our land, the whole village turned over to the bank, the reason the bank has to sell it to another owner!

Thus, the big twist of our lives begun when the new chinese owner took place!

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