Saturday, 17 October 2009

My first four years!!!

It's not easy to go back 35 years ago:) But I will try to keep it leading to my coming story and experiences:)

After I was born, as in from hospital we went home at my grandmother's house in the city. my mother was afraid to live in the village where transportation was not easy that time. After giving birth and with a little baby, they chose to stay there. It was a good life as far as I can remember. We had a store full of things for sale:) candies, bread, school supplies, and many more! While my mother also continued sewing dresses. So, the income just kept coming that time!

I got my little brother when I was three years old. And between these years, we just kept on visiting the village every now and then:) And everytime we visit, I felt like a star:) I recieved all praises and appreciation. The fact that these age is the attitude foundation of every one. How we were brought up becomes what we are when we become older.

Since, its a city and fortunately we were just a walk away from the church (protestant). And that church has a private school for pre-school. So at the age of 3 I was already attending school as Nursery. I learned songs and rhymes that caused me earning money everytime we visit my granparents in the village. They let me sing or do rhymes for 25cents for example. (already big that time:) This was one of the reason, I turned out smarter than the other kids there, cause they can start go to school at 7 or 8years old that time.

But then, when I was 4years old and Nursery 2, in the middle of school year or like 3 more months before the school year ends, my parents decided to go back and lived there in the village for good! (There were happenings at our place in the city where our house were on. It was like the government will use the lot for school expansion...improvement begun:)

Well... it will be more interesting on the next pages on this chapter ...what happened when we were already back home in our little village.


  1. It is really nice to reminisce our past. I did that Jan many times and it keeps me crying and going. I had a lot of bad memories when I was a child and it is more on having no money and food to eat. But as what you said, how you being brought up by your parents is what made me/you/us today. Thanks for sharing this Jan. I love reading/listening to other peoples' life story.

  2. Ang sarap balik balikan ang past natin ano especially childhood na life was so carefree full of fun, all we worried about is how are we gonna spend the day. ngayon we wooried all of things na very stressful. Ang aga mo naman nag nursery jan 3 years old, kya matalino ka nga.

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