Thursday, 1 October 2009


July 14, 1973, evening ...
the whole village was partying! cooking foods on the large cooking material like big pan and casserole at the back of the house of Mr. and Mrs. Miguel Mahusay. Lots of villager here and there,eating, drinking, dancing and playing!children, young people and adults. Every one were happy, shouting, singing and celebrating! "THIER PRINCE IS GETTING MARRIED!" heheh, yap it was the wedding of my dear father, the eldest among seven siblings. He lives in a small village where their family were the prominent. Almost everyone were relatives, they call it "Baranggay Mahusay". My greatgrandfather was the eldest and everyone respects him. And everyone loves my father.

Ormencita (taken from our city name Ormoc City), a city girl from a broken family. She learned to earn her own money at her early age due to the hard life in the city. She made dresses and barter it for grains to different rice fields in the villages. The reason she met my father. As my mother said; she already knew that my father is her soul mate. She has a dream before she met my father. She saw papa's back standing in the middle of the rice field! Hmmp! drama!
She was pretty and fragile despite of being brought up in the city. So the whole village also likes her and my father's parents likes her too.

It was a grand wedding of their time! My mother felt so lucky because after the wedding, as to follow the tradition that the wife should stay 3days on the grooms family but she knew that after 3days, they have to start their new family to their new house given by my father's family with 10sacks of rice, (pasaka) a piece of rice field for their living, 2 pigs and a carabao. as the old people said; " the ship should be full before it sails".

Thus, this chapters of my life begins.

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