Thursday, 10 September 2009

kick off!

Give me a break!!! This is all what we need. When every day seems full of things to take care of, all we need sometime is a break! And that's what my employer gave to us last friday Sept.5. Even the fact that I was so busy that time putting everything into order as to catch the time and the fact also that I will be having my birthday party on the next day, still I manage to attend and had some fun:)
For that few hours of activities we had, it gave me time to relax and laugh and enjoy the company with my bosses and co-workers. It was indeed a big 'lobster or shrimps party':) Our employer prepared a programme, one part was a little game which I think, that was fun, and most of it the! So much shrimps and 'kräftor' (don't know exactly the english of it, my husband said its not lobster..heheh) but its a shrimp family;)
Funny thing was, my group did not won any of the three games but I got a prize of all three games, why because it was my birthday!!! hahahah what a luck!

Well, I went home earlier but I had enough:) I really thank those people who made that actitivity possible;) My SODEXO family!!! Mmmmwaah!


  1. Oiiiist bago na namqan to ah hehehe.. anyhow, follow ko na din to...

  2. hello janet! wow. dami mong prizes ah. belated happy birthday ha! buti naman that you had at least one day to relax. that is something we all need for sure.

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  3. Na gud to know kompis na nka relax ka while enjoying..anyway agi lng jd ko diri ses då!

  4. I like the hat you guys are wearing. What a celebration!