Sunday, 20 September 2009

Funny ME

At our wall, this is how it looks;) hahahha.. Everytime there's a new visitors they will always ask if we were 4 siblings. Why they just knew that we were only three, or sometimes they will ask who is the other girl. My mother always give a smile and will just say that the two girl pictures belongs to only one 'Me'.

Well, the first picture looks so many can't recognize that it was me. I was 19yrs. old graduated my Bachelor in Theology. As I said somewhere in my older posts that I went to college so young at 15 and living in the dormitory. And the other one is the present which really looks like me;) It was when I graduated my Bachelor in Elementary Education.

Hmmm...those were the days!

(you might wonder about the arrangement, it was before when they were working the left side of our wall, so they put all the pictures in the right side in the meantime;)..surely no longer the same arrangement this time)

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