Wednesday, 16 September 2009

See any difference???

This was me 8years ago! This was taken during our graduation ball in college! Yes, I have make up on, but I like it, I mean so mild and wearable. This was the first time they trimmed my eyebrows and it was so painful the first time:)

I don't wears make up because its itchy after maybe an hour or minutes. But that time I hold into it because it was our victory ball..hehe after 4years of sleepless nights and daily fights against books and pens finally we reach our goal and about to wear that black toga of success on the next day! Hmmm...time goes fast!

This is me now;) A wife, a mother and now living here in this foreign land just to be with my new born lovely family. I return to school after accepting the fact that what we finished from our place is almost nothing here. Maybe just the gained knowledge which forever in us and can be use anytime in many situations in this new venture of my life. A new chapter that must be fight on.

Just wonder if there' any difference with me physically! hahahahah! Ofcourse there is but not so much I think... Whatchathink???


  1. Natural beauty is always the best so make up is unncessary... My wife never wear make up and I like it about her.. Great photos!

    Hey, can I ask a favor? Would you mind taking off the word verification please? it is time consuming when commenting (please don't be offended). Thank you!

  2. A little change but your still Janet lol..

  3. A smile is the best make-up!