Sunday, 6 September 2009

What a days;)

Waaah! finally its over;) It was so tiring though but the fun and gratitude over took everything;) Saturday and sunday's preparation and all makes everyone in my place become tired but for me I'm so thankful today;) Yes I am so tired but knowing I have so many friends who celebrates with me with my special day?? Oh, its worth it!

Today I can say my special day is complete! Not only I recieved everything I wish for but also I feel the love of each one who were with me and mostly my spiritual wish became realized. Oh what a day but Yes, its my day!

Thanks to all of my friends who cares! You are always in my heart;)
Thanks also to all my blogger friends who leaves comments and greetings!
Thanks to my husband for the unconditional love and support.
Thanks to the lord for the joy within;)

I will post soon the real happenings on those parties and of course the never ending pics;)
Keep updated and enjoy!

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