Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Perfect Sunday;)

As what I've said my party extends till Sunday;) heheh..yah great celebration cause I haven't experienced this for almost 30years:) As in celebrate life to the fullest! hahaha!
Sunday preparation was held in our own crib. My visitors this time have special part in my heart or shall I say they are not just a passing by friends;) They were the people whom I can just call anytime, visits anytime and even meet almost everyday. I can call them my extended family. I have no pressures with them, they can feel at home with me and I am so comfortable with them.
As usual, Jenny and Shy came first because Jenny was the one who cooked the chicken curry. It was so good..heheh. And of course Shy helped and did the vegesalad. I did nothing but talk and talk then prepares myself. Next who arrived was my other aunt who lives near me then my Filipina neighbor here which I can say, what a small world really is cause she is also my neighbor in Philippines:) We just knew it here and meet here. (haha,sosyal!) I can always go to her and she to me when we got dried fish;)

Last who came were my brothers and sisters in the church. We did a little sharing with the word of God then they gave a special prayer, a blessing for me. It perfects my day!



  1. ang saya nto naman kung malapit lang sana ako
    nakakain sana hehe hapi bertdey jet

  2. As in lagi talaga ako speachless everytime you mentioned my name...hayyyy is all i can say.

    Anyway thanks for being a nice and good friend to me. Thanks for all the advices as well as the tablet..hahahha u know what i mean.

    sköt om dig och vi ses..

  3. yap jettro, and thanks heheh! come anytime..aheheh! and lutu-an ka ni jenny ug curry..heheh

    @jenny, thanks also friend for being a friend! so helpful..see u when I see u!

  4. You deserve to have many friends because you are such a good person and I am glad Im one of your friend :)..Like jenny said, you got all the things in the world so my wish for you is to have a baby BOY like you said, good health for you and your family that it..Grattis igen kompis :P..