Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Shopping Time;)

I got or recieved Vitamin 'C' (cash) as gift for my birthday from my in-laws. They don't know what I want so better gave me the money and so I will be the one to buy what I want. And my sister in-law gave me a Gift Certificate worth 750kr. in a certain store, a women's wear something which not familiar to me.
Shy my friend and blogger teacher, as we know looove shopping so I asked her to go with me. So we went there and look for the store. Shy and me were little excited and wondering what this store has in stored for us shoppers..hehe.We heard that they have small sizes here so we were excited. But unfortunately, to our disappointment, nothing attracts our attention. Too big and too small, I didn't understand;) Maybe thier styles are not my taste;( peace!
It took us few hours to look but find nothing that I like. Until my time was almost over and we found a jeans jacket costs exactly what I had in the gift certificate. So, I bought it. Without checking much but because we have no more time. And because I missed already my train, it will be 30minutes after the next trip so we dropped by another store, and there I was so happy because I found many good things that I really want with a good prizes and fits me so well. With no hesitations I bought those right away and run!
Haay! what a shopping day! I brought with me 3bags of shops..aheheh from 3 different good store;) At the end of the day, I was satisfied!;)

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