Monday, 31 August 2009

Today I turned 35

Its just like a normal day in the morning, My husband went to work, I did my daily routine with my little girl and nothing else. But inside of me, I'm excited on what my husband might prepared for me;) I'm excited on what present he will give me, hehe, other's presents are nice but his present is the most exciting and important for me whatever it will be.
But then about afternoon, he called and told me he got free ticket to football from his job, only one ticket, I was little sad talking to him while saying 'aha ok, you will watch football while its my birthday:(' he felt my voice changed and still said..hehhe 'yah'..okay thats it! After we talk my heart cried maybe because of my expectation. But then after one hour he called again, and said maybe it was not a good joke so he want to get my feelings back and told me we will go out later, eat in the chinese restaurant and watch movie;)
So, we just met in the city I did not come home cause I work late and he always comes home first. And it was fun, I like the place, unfortunately I forgot my camera but then we have celphones anyway;) for pictures just no cable to tranfer to my computer:( But anyway, when we come home, I usually run to my laptop first and foremost heheh.. waaah! There was an envelop that says "Grattis Älskling på din 35-årsdag" hehe.. tears coming from my check! even I did not open yet what's on it! Oh this one completes my day!


  1. hi jetnah bertdey mo pala happy bertdey ha
    swerte mo talaga nakahanap ka ng hubby na mabait blessing talaga sa iyo yan.