Saturday, 26 September 2009

Time with Friends

Waaa..lutong pinoy!!! it was fun! since it was free from school and work last thursday due to angelikka's free day we visited a filipina friend who really like to cook filipino foods. Time went so fast but we had a perfect lunch together with 'tinolang isda' , pancit and shrimps. We just put a little shrimp also on the soap just to put colors and additional taste! wow! it was so good and we went home so full stomach.

Khim made a 'binignit' for our dessert paired with tea or coffe that makes our eating fellowship perfect! Because we were so full, so we took a little walk around their place and chat a little, then before we went home we ate the fruit salad that she almost forgot that she had prepared some for us;) Well, that was fun time together with family and friends!

Thanks Khimma at sa uulitin! Have a wonderful day to all!


  1. WOW tinola isda är så gott! Det var bra dag på er :)... Jag är bara hemma igår och titttade på tvn..

  2. I feel happy for you Jan especially na daghan na imo friends diha. Ako daghan japon pero medyo layo man among payag sa matag usag-osa. Kalame diha sa iyong giprepare oi especially binignit. Wow naglaway na jud ko da. Ingat jan and thanks for your never-ending support sakong blog.