Sunday, 13 September 2009

When the Summer is Over

Yesterday was just, shall I say, lucky day or unexpected blessed day! Why??? because everything that happens was not planned but it turns into an unexpected answered prayer;)

My mother- in-law called my husband in the morning and asked if we have schedules that day because we usually have. And yes we suppose had, so my husband said so but why? And his mother said she needs help for her house wagon to take it off and park to a safe place until next season again. In the middle of their conversation my phone also rungs... and it was my friend whom we suppose to go that day informing us that the meeting will be cancelled for some sickness reason.

My mother-in-law was so happy and so thankful because we went to her instead and helped. It was fun though it was a little work specially for my husband and m-in-l. Fixing those things and keeping it and cleaning everything before it will be kept. I helped a little, just to wash and wiped the tent on the areas that were dirty;) Angelikka also helped by picking up the pins and put it into a pail of water.
After everything were done. We stayed a little bit longer at my mother-in-laws place and had some coffee and took a rest. While we were talking I mentioned to her about my plan to buy a bike and to my surprise, she said she will give her bike to me because she was happy we helped her. And when I saw it, its just exactly what I want.

We got also Laikka's DVD player, and a DVD cassette! I will post those gifts later sometime! Just watch for it guys!

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  1. Yeah summer is over, cold is here :) love it specially the snow..