Saturday, 20 March 2010

Six Months After....

Days with the new 5lbs. baby went better. Though in hardship but he lives day by day in our mother's care. He've grown so much bigger through natural food like yellow squash! I can remember, my mother just cooked a squash and smashed it and feed to my brother:) Ooh, by that his growth was amazing! Months passed and everyone starts covering up. But then, unbelievable as it was, when the 6months were over, my mother just collapse with no reason at all!

I can still remember that morning! We were happy and doing the usual routine of the day. We seems had forgotten what had happen. Our lives back to normal, may not yet the life that we used to be but living each day with a bright day ahead! We always went to church every sunday and my early mind started to learn something about church and God.

She was washing the dishes and just collapse right there in my eyes! I shouted as loud as I could asking for help because it was only me and my mother with the baby sleeping. When my father came together with my grandmother she was rushed to the hospital and I beg to follow with them remembering what she told me six months ago. So my grandmother took care of the baby and I went with them to the hospital. I was crying all the way and as I was staring at my mother she really looks dead already.

This time it was ME who made a promise! A promise that lasts!!! Stay tune on the next chapter..there I will share the promise I made with the Lord just to let my mother live! I knew she was ready, thats the only time she'd asked. But then we were not ready yet!


  1. I hope you didn't include a time limit.

    I had a similar experience. You and I come frmo different palces, have different backgrounds, but we are so much alike. I think that is part of God's plan and people need to undestand we are all one people to him. There is no reason for countries or people to fight. We are all one.

  2. Nanlimbawot akong balahibo pagbasa sa imong post Jan. God is really good to those who believe in him....I am very anxious to read your next post.

  3. Late visit ko diri jan, hows the pregnancy. Hapit na imung due date. sus laagan na bataa ky ang mama nga buntis niabot sa paris heheh

  4. visiting you here Jan. Hope you're doing great.