Monday 26 September 2011

Like a Hero!

My mother instructed her to tell the cab driver that she'll go off from the cab right after "Margen" bridge. Then asked my name to whoever she sees ,to look for our house.

Morning about 9am, the highway near where we live had so much noise, children running and shouting my name! "Janet, a pretty white lady is looking for you" (more lively said in our vernacular). Then finally she found us, talked a little to my mom and then off we go around the village knocking house to house like she did an interviews to parents.

After that day was over, and after she left, I have known that I can continue my study and there's a foreigner (amerkano, sounds so great before in my time when I was a kid) who will help me, will buy school things and will pay my school. And not only me 29 families more. My mother got a job with them. She became the coordinator in our place and parents and children were so thankful and I feel like a hero, so proud!

The sun began shining from that day onwards! The World Vision International came and helped many families in my village and many have become successful because of them. And our family, my life had changed into better!

Wednesday 7 September 2011

I found favor in HER eyes!

The pretty woman asked? What is your name?

That single question gave her a lots of answer from me which gave her a huge interest about me and my family.

She was the head of World Vision International in our place, Ormoc City. And she was visiting different churches looking for families that needs help for their children in sending to school. Its a global child sponsorship program that really helps poor families. She was there to announce about it but her attention and interest was caught by me.

She talked to my mother after the service and then my mother asked me what I said to the lady that made her coming to our baranggay and gonna do survey and has a plan of picking 30 houses/families to be in the program. How great was that! My mother leaped in joy knowing the bright day is coming!

"I just told the woman my name and about our family and how I want to continue to go to school and somehow be like her when I grow up;) But my dream might be so far from reality because we can no longer afford after of what happened!"

That was sunday and then wednesday morning, that woman came to our village brought good news to the whole village! I can't forget that day:) I felt as if I was in cloud nine, I became the star of everyone! On the next post, I will write the details on what exactly had happen that day!
Stay tune:)

Tuesday 12 April 2011

Knowing Him, knowing her!

We went home the same day because the doctor didn't found any wrong about my mother. He said it was just because of stress and over worked. She just need to rest. From that time my promise to the Lord keep on coming to my head. I was just 9 years old but I already mean what I said because I believe. It was a promise from the heart. So, I had the desire of knowing HIM more.

We were very poor that time, our situation still so fresh in me because its my driving strength of the present. We can hardly go to the city where the church is located. We cannot afford the fare which was only P1.50, but my mother was true to her promise that she will let her children, her family know the Lord. And I was also eager to know more about that said GOD. I wanted to know him more. So, what my mother did, we always brought vegetables from my father's garden to sell to other church members so we have extra money when we go home and of course can pay for the fare. We always went to church early so my mother has time to distribute and sell the vegetables before the service starts. And while she's roaming around, I stayed at the church listening the praise and worship team while they practised. And started to have interests on their music.

Until one sunday... as usual my mother went house to house to sell and I was left in the church. In one corner, there was this pretty, so lovely woman sitting, there was a notebook open and a pen on her hands, she glanced at me when I entered the church and smiled:) I look at her back in bewilderment, with appreciation on her personality and wondered who is this woman???

This woman has a great part of the big change in my life and to my family. The transition begun and knowing him more started when I came to know this woman. On the next post will be about this woman and why and what was her part in my life and on 'the promised'. Keep posted!

Monday 7 March 2011

The vow I made with HIM

When my mother was run again to the hospital after the time span she asked from the Lord. I was so afraid. I was so young then and don't understand lots of things yet. All I was thinking was it will be horrible if mamma will be gone. So if God grant my mother's request surely he can too with me. So, in the hospital, holding my mother's hand, with tears in my eyes, I talk to God through my mind, a short simple prayer but a promised to him.

"Dear Lord, if you are true and really a powerful one and so loving to your children and if you are my heavenly father please let my mother live and I will offer my life to you!"
God understand what I mean with offering my life, its not just serving him in a usual way like others do, it means going to seminary and become a minister to His word..a special calling!

Yes a special calling because I now understand that all those things are just part of God's plan for me. I now understand that God called me on his special purpose even before when I was still in my mother's womb, and he knows and everything that happen were according to His plan. What happen next?.stay tune

Friday 4 March 2011


This chapter is the turning point of my life! Here I will share what is it to make a promise with the Lord and how is it when the Lord promises us on something! He will never fail. From that time I made a promise to the Lord I kept it! And everyday of my life he keeps on doing and granting it. All I need to do is claiming the million promises of God! And I can attest it in this chapter how I live with the promises of God!

What are his promises??? And what did I promised to Him??? Stay with me as I continue the story of my life!!!

"For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future!"
the living promise!